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Contact Center

TenPoint Complete has a 25-year history of working with customers of all sizes to help them improve their customers’ experience. We operate a U.S. based contact center powered by the worlds’ number one CRM and technology platform.

Customer Satisfaction and NPS (Net Promotor Score) Measurement

TenPoint Complete surveys customers to give an unbiased account of satisfaction with your services and products. By employing an omni-channel communications platform, we communicate with your customers when and where they want to be heard. We utilize SMS, e-mail, IVR and live agent survey methodologies.

Whether end user or B2B, TenPoint Complete is your source for experienced, credible CSAT measurement.

Click here for our CSi Complete Solution Brief.

TenPoint Complete dashboards clearly represent survey results allowing you to make informed decisions and take action that impacts efficiency and profitability.

Employee Engagement

Having engaged and satisfied employees is as important as having satisfied customers. There is a direct connection between the two. TenPoint Complete measures your employee satisfaction on a number of key metrics to help you make personal and operational improvements that optimize performance. We can help you answer questions like:

  • What is my overall Engagement Index (favorable, unfavorable, neutral)?
  • How do employees understand how their work contributes to the goals of the company?
  • Employee perceptions of supervisors, managers, executives and owners
  • Feedback on perceived opportunities and career paths
  • Whether or not employees plan on being with the company in one year
  • Whether or not employees consider the organization a fun place to work
  • Perceptions on ability to operate systems and follow processes
  • Much, much more
Retaining quality employees and helping employees become more productive is one of the single greatest challenges of management. It also has exceptional ROI. Utilizing engagement tools for consistent employee feedback is a vital component of this important endeavor.

Scheduling Services

TenPoint Complete provides organizations with a professional standardized process for scheduling workflow. Customers and potential customers can be contacted via e-mail, SMS text, IVR or live agent to make sure your facility or office is full of clients. This gives your staff the ability to concentrate on the core competencies of your business. TenPoint Complete works with your legacy systems (such as calendar or scheduling software) to ensure everyone is on the same page and information and updates are shared in real time. This is a proactive customer touchpoint that has great ROI!

Help Desk

TenPoint Complete offers inbound help desk capability. The Help Desk can be an important customer touchpoint, contributing to the overall satisfaction of the customer journey with your service or product. TenPoint Complete can build a knowledge base to answer questions or fill out required paperwork and forms, for example, leaving your staff more productive time to work in core competencies.

IVR Artificial Intelligence (AI)

TenPoint Complete marketing programs help keep your name and brand on top your customers' mind. Designed to increase cars to your door and boost referrals, these cost-effective programs are easy to initiate. With interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, results are immediate.

  • CSI Surveys
  • Voice blasts send a recorded message to your customers
  • Promote service specials
  • Thank You follow-up call
  • IVR call option messages may be personally recorded by collision center personnel
  • Special announcements, such as store openings, specials, updates
  • Service reminders for mechanical or dealership work
Call statistics available to you in real time through personalized web portals, and can also be emailed via push reports to your inbox or smart device.

Customer Journey Mapping

TenPoint Complete helps organizations design and implement strategies to improve their customers’ experience. With consultative services provided by a Net Promoter Certified Associate and team members with hundreds of combined years in marketing, sales, customer service and technology, we provide solutions that positively impact:

  • Corporate Culture
  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Cross-functional Managers and Teams